Sering Sakit Kepala, Dokter Temukan Cacing 11 Senti dalam Otak Remaja Ini

Pic shows: The tapeworm after being removed from the man’s brain;Doctors have removed a 4-inch-long parasitic tapeworm from a teenager’s brain where it had been living and growing for some 24 months.The 19-year-old man named Wen Xiaoli is believed to have been infected with the spirometra erinaceieuropaei larvae two years ago when he accidentally cut his hand while killing a frog for food.In the two years that followed, Wen experienced intense migraines and even mild epilepsy, leading him to seek out experts in the city of Changsha, capital of Central China’s Hunan Province.After detailed scans of his head at Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, doctors were stunned when they discovered he was suffering from sparganosis - a tapeworm infection.Not only was the parasite fully formed, it was also alive and appeared to be living comfortably off his brain cells.Neurosurgeon Yang Zhiquan and his team advised Wen to operate, and they opened up his skull to retrieve the writhing tapeworm in a swift two minutes.It was not, however, an easy task, as Doctor Yang later explained: "It was alive; it was still moving inside the brain."We had to remove it intact and couldn't risk breaking its body or else it would continue to survive inside."That’s why we had to pull it out slowly and carefully."The worm measured a staggering 11 centimetres (4.33 inches) in length and had been given ample time to develop from a larva into the full-blown brain-eating parasite.Yang added: "Parasitic infections are very rare, but the larvae are able to move all around the body and once in the brain it will feed off brain cells to survive."At the same time, these parasites excrete toxic waste that is harmful to the brain - so much so that it could cause nerve damage and brain cell loss."The medic added that serious symptoms of sparganosis include epilepsy, paralysis, the loss of memory and even speech.The teenager, now recovering from his operation, said of th

CHANGSA, – Seorang remaja asal Cina yang sering menderita sakit kepala ternyata “memelihara” cacing dalam otaknya. Cacing sepanjang 4,3 inci atau sekitar 11 sentimeter tersebut diketahui bersarang dalam otak remaja tersebut selama 2 tahun, sejak masih berupa larva hingga menjadi cacing dewasa.

Wen Xiaoli (19 tahun), remaja asal kota Changsa, sering menderita sakit kepala. Dokter yang memeriksanya menyatakan bahwa hasil scan pada kepala menunjukkan ada seekor cacing yang hidup dalam otak Wen dan menyebabkan infeksi spirometra erinaceieuropaei.

Larva cacing tersebut diperkirakan memasuki tubuh Wen dua tahun lalu, ketika jari Wen terluka saat tengah menguliti seekor katak untuk dimakan. Larva berhasil bertahan hidup dalam tubuh Wen kemudian tumbuh menjadi cacing dewasa yang bersarang dalam otak Wen.

Dokter Yang Zhiquan, ahli bedah yang mengoperasi Wen, mengungkapkan bahwa operasi tersebut cukup sulit dan penuh resiko, serta harus dilakukan dengan ekstra hati-hati.

“Kami harus menarik cacing itu keluar dari otak Wen dalam keadaan utuh sebab jika hanya diambil sebagian, sisa tubuhnya masih bisa hidup dalam sel otak. Cacing itu masih menggeliat-geliat saat ditarik keluar.”



Yang mengatakan bahwa infeksi parasit sangat jarang terjadi, namun larva yang masuk ke dalam tubuh bisa bergerak leluasa dalam tubuh, bersarang, dan bertahan hidup dengan menggerogoti otak. Pada saat yang sama, parasit akan mengeluarkan kotoran beracun yang membahayakan sel-sel otak dan bisa menyebabkan kerusakan syaraf.

“Di antara penyakit kerusakan syaraf ini adalah gejala-gejala sparganosis, termasuk epilepsi, kelumpuhan, kehilangan ingatan, dan kehilangan kemampuan berbicara.”

Dilansir Mirror, saat ini Wen tengah menjalani pengobatan pasca operasi. Kondisi tubuhnya pun dilaporkan berangsur membaik. (cho)